Day 1: Official Opening of the Exhibition at 18:00 p.m. by international personalities,
ministers, officials, yachting agents, Greek and foreign exhibition partners and
agencies, involved in yachting and tourism. The Opening Event will close with food
and music.

Day 2: A major Conference on “The role of Yachting as a special interest tourism
activity”. Presentations by Greek and foreign professionals presenting experiences
and best practices from Greece and abroad.

Day 3: Special Yachting Conference for the public visitors, “Yachting as an affordable
solution for high quality tourism activity”. Will include participation and
presentations by Regional and Local Authorities and Port Authorities.

The Yachting Festival will include various events organized by various companies, by
tourism destinations, by local authorities. The detailed program will be progressively

There will be daily music bands, tastings and drawings of gifts and offers for the