About The Event



YACHTING FESTIVAL ATHENS is a TOURISM SEA FESTIVAL organized for the first time in Greece and in the largest marina of the country, in Alimos, with the main purpose of giving the opportunity to the inhabitants of the basin to get to know the uniqueness of the enjoyment of the Greek seas through a – mainly – smaller sailing or motorized boat, that can either rule themselves (with appropriate knowledge and training) or enjoy with the help and support of professionals.

The Festival is organized by SITESAP.

The Association of Owners of Professional Vessels for Ships Non-Permanent Crew – SITESAP, is the association which since 1996 represents the shipowners of recreational craft of the “no [permanent] crew” category (according to the provisions of Laws 4256/2014 and 4504/2017).

In the week after Easter 2018, at Alimos Marina, more than 100 boats, big and small, of all types will be waiting for families, couples, children, young people, friendly groups and individuals of all ages – to do daily, short or multi-day boat tours – who want to get acquainted with activities in the marine environment of the country, and with the unique experience of sailing over the water.
It will be a floating but also onshore exhibition and a place of activities aimed mainly at the Greek public, but also outside Greece, to all who want to experience this activity and the form of recreation.

At YACHTING FESTIVAL ATHENS, the various activities in the coastal and island areas will be displayed, visitors will have the opportunity not only to board boats, but also to try out short and long trips, and be
informed about the details either the acquisition of a private vessel or the chartering of a professional boat, with or without a crew.
At the Alimos Marina, guests will be able to board boats, be informed about coastal and island destinations, attend mini-conference events on professional and simple topics related to sea tourism, receive information from the various destinations, and see the various activities that can be done with a boat such as:

• Sailing


•Water ski

• Windsurfing

• Kitesurfing

• Jet ski

• Sea bob

• Sea ski

• Snorkeling – with a mask

• Diving with bottles

• Fishing


• Other activities that can be done in conjunction with a boat

Professionals will be available to inform visitors about all the ways and forms of maritime tourism