In the FESTIVAL OF SEA TOURISM, the various activities in the coastal and island regions will be
displayed, visitors will have the opportunity not only to board boats, but also to try, with draws,
small and bigger trips, and to be informed about the details of either the acquisition of a private
vessel or the chartering of a business vessel, with or without a crew.

In the festival there will be available boats of all types and types, smaller and larger: sailing
boats, motor boats, catamarans, …. with a few or more accommodation spaces that can serve
few families or groups and for day trips, even for business meetings.

At the Alimos Marina, guests will be able to board boats, be informed about coastal and island
destinations, attend mini-conference events on professional and simple topics related to sea
tourism, receive information from the various destinations, and see the various activities that
can be done with a boat such as:

• Sailing


•Water ski

• Windsurfing

• Kitesurfing

• Jet ski

• Sea bob

• Sea ski

• Snorkeling – with a mask

• Diving with bottles

• Fishing


• Other activities that can be done in conjunction with a boat

Professionals will be available to inform visitors about all the ways and forms of activity:

• Rental – charter boat

• Buying a boat

• Training in handling and navalry

• Participation in sailing regattas

•Daily trips

• Ship charter with commander – crew

For professionals, providers of maritime tourism products and services will be involved, such as:

• Boat management companies

•Insurance agencies

• Fairs

• Banks and financial institutions

• Chartering brokers

• Companies and catering providers

• Repair and maintenance services

• Shipbuilding repairs

• Rescue media providers

• Hedges

• Suppliers of equipment: mechanical, electrical, electronic

• Naval communications

• “hotel equipment” services (sheets, towels, cabin items)

• Docking services

• Marinas

• Display and advertising services

• Fuel suppliers

• Providers of marine equipment

• Marine equipment

For the public during the MARITIME FESTIVAL OF TOURISM:

• Ship visits will be available for hire and charter

• There will be boats used and new for sale

• Professionals will offer special charter rates during the festival

• Short short-term familiarization is planned around the Marina

• Daily “ride” draws

• Every day, daily charter rafting

• Every day, draw a weekly charter for companionship (6-8 people)

• Every day, a cabin charter draw

Entry is free.