In Greece, yachting developed mainly on the basis of the institutional framework of
the professional yacht with the law 438 of 1976 with subsequent modifications. It
was developed with many mainly foreign customers, up to the high season in 2007,
which is estimated to be between 4,000-4,500 professional tourism boats and from
more than 100 charter forwarding agencies.
The tourism professional boats sector includes boats of various types (most sailing
boats, mono-hull or catamaran) with the capacity to accommodate 8-12 persons (4-6
cabins) and daily accommodation capacity up to 25 people (accommodation spaces).
Professional leisure boats of up to 24 meters in length across Greece today are the
main bulk of Marine Tourism attracting a large number of tourists (mostly senior
income classes) from around the world and Greece, who financially support a wide
range of business disciplines, touring all the coastal and island regions of the country
and supporting local economic activity and especially the small and forgotten islands
of the lineage.