Ρεγκάτα Ιστιοπλοΐας-1

Sailing Regatta

At the 2nd Yachting Festival, activities will be many in and out of the sea. The sailing regatta will be one of the major events in the days of the exhibition.

Μαραθώνιος Αγώνας-2

Marathon Race

At the 2nd Yachting Festival and as an opportunity for the promotion and advertising of the Festival will be take place the 1st Yachting Festival Running Marathon Race. The event is aimed at people from all over the world who arrive in Athens for the Festival to participate in this sporting event as sport is a part of Yachting since water sports have a high place in Maritime Tourism.

Αίθουσα Σεμιναρίων – Συνεδρίων-3

Seminar and Conference Hall

Sponsors one of the Yachting Festival 2019 Seminars

1) Yachting developments in the world – market reviews

2) Presentation of the regions and ports that can visit Yachting ” or Organize your own seminar on Yachting and Maritime Tourism.

Εκθεσιακοί κατάλογοι εταιριών-4

Exhibition lists of companies

Sponsorship the exhibition catalogs of companies outside the showroom. Place the company’s ad in the catalog.

Only available to exhibitors.

Eκθεσιακές Τσάντες-5

Exhibition Bags

Promote your company to exhibition bags to be distributed to exhibitors, VIP visitors and press representatives.



Put your logo on the buses serving Yachting Festival guests on the days of the exhibition.



More than 20,000 badges with the signing of the sponsor logo will be distributed to visitors, exhibitors and media representatives during the exhibition.

Coffee Cups-8

Coffee Cups

25,000 Coffee Cups with the sponsor logo will be available at all the cafes and restaurants of the Yachting Festival.


5.000 Napkins with the sponsor logo made for the Yachting Festival will be available in its restaurants during the exhibition.

Mobile Application-9

Mobile Application

Γραφείου Τύπου-10

Press office

Sponsorship of the Press Office provides direct access to the press representatives participating in the event to cover the news of the Yachting Festival.

Εκθεσιακό Φυλλάδιο Εταιρειών-11

Exhibition Leaflet of Companies

Reach all visitors to the exhibition as they receive the free copy from the Company Exhibition Leaflet. Place an ad or Sign your company logo.

Τα ενημερωτικά δελτία Newsletter-12


Sponsorship the official e-bulletins sent by the organizers to more than 50,000 recipients



Station of charging of electronic devices in a special construction at the exhibition area

Communication Form