1st Yachting Festival Running 2019 In view of World Health Day

MACT MEDIA GROUP and SITESAP (Association of Owners of Professional Vessels for Tourism Crew) are pleased to announce the organization of the 1st Yachting Festival Running in Greece Yachting Festival 2019. The 2nd YACHTING FESTIVAL – TOURISM OF THE SEA held on 11-14 April 2019 is the only and important event for the industry, and is organized by the Mact Media Group on behalf of SITEAAP (Association of Owners of Professional Vessels for Professional Wreckless Crew) in the largest marina of the country, in Alimos, Attica, with the main purpose of giving the opportunity to its residents (but also to foreign visitors and professionals) to get to know the uniqueness of the enjoyment of the Greek seas through a – mainly – smaller sailing or motor boat that can either rule (with appropriate knowledge and education) or enjoy with the help and support of professionals. On the occasion of the World Health Day on 7 April 2019 and under the 2nd Yachting Festival in Alimos Marina, a Marathon Race will take place under the auspices of the Region of Attica.

The 1st Yachting Festival Running will be a unique event, a unique life experience for all of them participants. A celebration of sport, solidarity, full of messages to all for a different future at an individual, local, national and international level.
The purpose of the action is:
A) waking up and reminding that health is the most important asset of life and indispensable
a prerequisite for enjoying her joys.
B) Sport and the health of the body and soul are inseparably linked. It is no coincidence that the
our ancient ancestors were saying a healthy mind in a healthy body. Besides, today the influence of sport and the
our health, it is a topical issue than ever before.
In the marathon race there will be 2 routes:
1. Route 5km starting from Olympic Beach Volleyball to Alimos Marina
2. Route 2km starting from Marina Flisvos to Alimos Marina
MACT MEDIA GROUP and SITESAP (Association of Owners of Professional Vessels for Tourism
Crew) invite runners to take part in the Yachting Festival 2019 Marathon, combining the
participating in the excellent match with information on sea tourism and Yachting.
Interested parties can visit the marathon site www.yachtingrun.gr to get informed
but also to register online. Information is available at 2110129575 and email: