The Conferences

2 significant Conference events are held for professionals with major interest to the Greek SEA TOURISM & Shipping Community, and general audience, under the titles:

1) Global Yachting Developments.  Market Trends and Opportunities for Greek Yachting  in the East MED Yachting Festival’s  guests, visitors, Exhibitors, Conference and Events Participants from Greece/abroad

2) Infrastructure and Initiatives for the Greek Sea Tourism. The growth, Finance Support and Promotion of the Sea Tourism Locations.

With the Participation of

  • International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE)
  • International Council of Marine Industry Associations – ICOMIA & Marine Engine Committee (IMEC)
  • Greek Marinas Association
  • Fed HATTA
  • Chambers, Associations (ie CLIA Europe), Municipalities, Regions, Port Authorities
  • Engine Manufacturers, Marine Equipment, Port Suppliers & Brokers, etc
  • Vessel Management Operators, Port, Maintenance & Repair Services, Yachting Agents,
  • Greek Ministries Reps, SEA Tourism, Real Estate and Investments Reps, Universities, Institutes, VIP Guests, invited media  from 15 countries



  • Efficient Maritime Fuels & Green shipping
  • Certification Services in Shipping, Industry and Entrepreneurship. Classification Societies
  • Yachting Design, Re-design and Operation.
  • Accident Prevention, Fire risks, Passive fire detection
  • Ports Facilities, Marinas and Yachts Protection. Asymmetric threats.
  • Simulators, Software Tools, Satellite Systems etc digital apps in Navigation environment
  • Ports and Marine Infrastructure – Maintenance in own sailing Yachts
  • The rebirth of Greek Shipyards. The b2b Ship-repairing sector’s development
  • Maritime Education & Maritime Training. Merchant Mariner Certification
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance Services. Mobile Banking on board
  • Marinas and Yacht Owners/Managers’ Arbitration