Port Fund of the Municipality of Hydra

In 1919 the Coast Guard is founded. The founding law is Law 1753 of 1919 “On the amendment of law 816 and the addition of relevant provisions”. The most important innovation of this law is article 3, which provides for the establishment of its own Corps, the Coast Guard, consisting of personnel of the Merchant Marine Directorate, the inspection of its services, the Maritime Retirement Fund and the Port Authorities.

Article 3 of the above law is the official birth certificate of the Coast Guard. It was inspired by the late Georgios Sakalis and Konstantinos Boukas. The law also provided for the formation of the newly formed House. For this purpose, by decree, he authorized the transfer from the Navy to the Coast Guard of sixty six (66) Officers.Thus, the Coast Guard, about five (05) months after its establishment, had already been formed and organized, covering almost all the positions provided by Law 1753. The transferred executives had sufficient education and language skills and were specialized in the subjects. from the service of the Merchant Navy and the Port Authorities and they had undertaken the adventure of transfer to a new Corps with the zeal of the young man, the enthusiasm of the pioneer and the conditional affection for the Greek Merchant Shipping, the administration which would henceforth be the exclusive work of their professional careers.

Most of them, as history has recorded, made successful careers, rose through the ranks and offered until the end of their service life an important task in the great cause of our shipping.

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