Nikolou Winery

Nikolou Winery is located in the city of Koropi in the same traditional place where the Nikolou family has been making wine since 1920.

The adaptation of the winery space to the modern winemaking requirements was necessary. In 1991 the old equipment was gradually replaced with modern winemaking machines and stainless steel temperature controlled tanks.

With these conditions, the knowledge and experience of all these years, for the first time the Mediterranean Sabbath was vinified with controlled fermentation and revealed the aromatic and delicious treasure that hid for so many years. Resin was no longer necessary to give character to the wine.

Today the winery has a stainless steel raisin, grape weighing machine, dehumidifier, grape pulp pumps, pneumatic press, vacuum and diatomaceous earth filter, peristaltic wine pump, modern automatic wine bottling machine and sparkling wine bottling line with traditional sparkling wine.


Nikolou Winery has always collaborated with professional viticulturists who are exclusively engaged in the vineyards, from areas of Greece in which the selected grape varieties are very well adapted. The long-standing relationship with these winegrowers allows the winery to direct and control the operations on the vines, the acreage yields and the technological maturity of the grapes that is necessary for the good quality of the wine that will be produced.

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Nikolaou Douni 8 Koropi 194 00 Greece