The Conferences

1) Yachting and Maritime Tourism
2)Area Presentations as Yachting Destination

Conference Events for professionals in the field
Pleasure Boats, Yachting & amp; Maritime Tourism,
the Maritime Community, and the consumer public.

Συμμετέχουν οι

  • International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE)
  • Hellenic Marines Organization (Greek Marinas Association)
  • Organizations, Municipalities, Regions, Ports, Institutes, Chambers
  • Manufacturers of boat engines – marine equipment.
  • Port Suppliers and Managers, Ship Brokers.
  • Representatives / Bodies of Insurance, Legal, Financial Services
  • Boat Management, Catering, Maintenance and Repair Services – Yachting Representations.
  • Representatives of Ministries, Maritime Tourism Agencies, Real Estate Agents, Universities, VIP Guests and media from 15 countries.

Subject matter

  • Marine Fuels etc. Energy sources (Green Yachting).
  • Certifications in Shipping, Services / Products / Potential – Registrars.
  • Design, Reconstruction of Yachts – Holistic Yachting Management.
  • Accident prevention, hazards and passive fire detection. Asymmetric Threats – Protection of Ports, Marinas and Yachts.
  • Simulators, satellite systems, software, digital applications at sea
  • Shipping and Port Infrastructure. Maintenance on privately owned Yachts.
  • Ways of Shipyard Recovery. B2G Collaborations in the field of repairs.
  • Naval Training & amp; Training. Certifications of Sailors, Crews, Individuals
  • Banking – Financial Services. Mobile Banking on board.
  • Arbitration of Marines, Yacht Managers and Owners.