1. Corridor Wall Spaces.

With the motto«the image is power», we design the way in which we will make your business to advertise, raise awareness and mobilize the eye of the public so that you receive the desired result from the event. So we give you the opportunity to place your banner in a large space in the main corridor in order to attract the attention of both visitors and yours.

  1. Large wall scales.

The poster has always been a means of communication, aimed at either advertising a product or supporting a business. But at the same time, the poster today is a very fun and interesting way to learn information about what is written on it. So we give you the opportunity to put your own poster in your desired size throughout the festival.

  1. Listing advertising.

On the occasion of the 3rd yachting festival, a magazine will be published in order to advertise your products and your business as there will be a large number of guests and the festival will be open to the public so there will be a large attendance.

The reasons for advertising in this magazine are various and are listed below:

  • The magazine will be distributed both in Greece and in various foreign countries as people from different parts of the world will attend the festival.
  • A large number of copies will be released so there will be selectivity of readers so that the company can use them to reach potential buyers.
  • It will increase the readability and prestige of your business.
  • It is a form where anyone interested will have direct access as they will not have to look for information on the internet.
  • You will open a door to new collaborations.
  • Take advantage of the large number of copies to promote your business and promote it.
  • You will inform your potential customers about the activity and products of the business.
  • Copies will also be distributed within the festival.


  1. Website advertising.

The internet is undoubtedly a huge field for promoting and advertising services and products. The amount of information circulated in it and the number of people looking for it confirm this. As the internet holds an important place in the daily life of all of us, we give you the opportunity to advertise on the website and on social media of the festival in order to promote and highlight you.

  1. Backlit advertising spaces.

Being an exhibitor of the 3rdth Yachting festival, you are given the opportunity, in addition to advertising with all the above means, to advertise with bright banners inside the stands. However if you are not an exhibitor and want to advertise this way you can do so along the festival aisle.

  1. Napkins.

During the 3rdth yachting festival and in its venue a cafeteria will be created that will offer coffee, drinks and snacks not only to the exhibitors and organizers but also to the visitors. It is a very good opportunity someone who is interested in further advertising to place the logo of his business on special napkins that will be given in the cafe in order to promote and promote them.

  1. Floor stickers.

We give you the opportunity to stick special stickers at the entrances of the festival as it will be the location with the largest number of people who will attend this event.