CORAL A.E. (Shell Licensee) eng

CORAL A.E. (Shell Licensee) operates with about 750 service stations currently operating under the Shell brand, the company has a market share of over 22% and ranks first in the Greek market.

The main activities of the company are the distribution and marketing of a wide range of petroleum products, such as gasoline, oil and lubricants, through its network of service stations. At the same time, its activities cover the commercial sector, chemicals as well as shipping.

In addition, Coral A.E. participates 100% in “HERMES SA” and “MYRTEA SA” operating gas stations, as well as in “Coral Products and Trading A.E.” marine fuel trading company.

Hermes S.A.M.E.E. & Myrthea SA , subsidiaries of Coral A.E. They are also active in the distribution of heating oil, diesel and gasoline with a privately owned fleet of 77 tanks and coverage in 30 prefectures nationwide, ensuring top quality and quantity with an integrated system of quality and quantity control and automatic pricing during fuel delivery. Especially for the needs of boat supply in recent years it operates in 15 islands nationwide covering every need of privately owned yachts and their rental companies to individuals.

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