Salt Assassin eng

Dynamic Splitting of Outlets, Outboard-Inboard & amp; Boat aircon

Salt Assassin eliminates mineral deposits (salts), sediments and rust from outboard, inboard Diesel engines and air-condition boats.

After a Dynamic Dry Cleaning you will dramatically improve the efficiency of your inboard engine or outboard heat exchangers.

Dynamic cleaning by Salt Assassin improves cooling and helps the engine “give” you top performance.

Until now, the removal of cleanings * with “chemicals” and “vinegar” from cooling systems has been based on buckets, low-flow and pressure pumps, resulting in “moderate” cleaning.

The innovative Salt Assassin Dynamic Degradation System “under pressure”, SA-210-M, is a high pressure and flow regulated circuit, with targeted distribution and heating of cleaning fluids in the cooling system of your outboard or inboard engine.

In addition, due to the increased flow, pressure, and heating of the recycled cleaning fluids, desalination has an excellent effect and the total time for a complete process is reduced by more than half compared to “conventional systems”.

With the team of Salt Assassin and our innovative machines, the overheating of your engine will not bother you anymore !!!

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