VK PREMIUM was founded in 2007, in Athens, with the aim of providing specialized services to companies and organizations in the Private and Public sector. Consistency and dedication to quality have made our company one of the leading consulting companies in Greece.

We focus on 4 axes of business activity:

  • Project Financing

As our main activity, we provide specialized knowledge to secure funding from European co-financed programs, as well as other development programs
(New Investment Law, Programs and Actions funded by the NSRF, Horizon 2020 Program, Interreg, Jessica, Black Sea Cross Border Cooperation, MED, South East Europe, Europaid, Daphne). We carry out feasibility studies and evaluation of investment proposals.

  • Turnover Development (Top Line Growth)

We provide 360⁰ analysis of the company’s competitive position, in terms of Marketing and Sales and we propose business plans that improve the course of Turnover. In addition, it is possible to participate in the implementation of our proposals.

  • Operating cost

We map, analyze and cost production and logistics processes,
and we suggest interventions that improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.
Establishment of efficiency indicators. Participation in the implementation of our proposals.

  • Human resource

We present and implement the customer-friendly system of efficiency, evaluation and training of human resources. We participate in the implementation of the systems. We provide consulting services in the organization of incentive procedures and in the design of staff remuneration system.


Our Mission

We bring together the right executives and work with our customers for maximum satisfaction and ensuring a long-term business relationship.

Our Vision

We are the leading consulting office, in providing services to our clients regarding issues of financing, development and implementation of their business idea, in Greece and abroad.