Sea tourism is a form – a tourism activity that uses the sailing or motor boat as a means of transporting
the visitor – a customer – a sailor, with routine characteristics of the sea route, visiting various coastal
and island regions, staying in anchorages types and categories) in different regions. This has the effect of
not only showing our beautiful islands but also the most remote coastal areas, their culture and their

The yacht, apart from accommodation and catering, also allows the development of a variety of
recreational activities such as boat sunbathing, amateur fishing, inaccessible to shore shores, diving,
bathing in isolated bays, water skiing, touring etc.

This geomorphology offers the opportunity for the tourist to sail between clusters of islands, anchor in
natural protected coves, visit inaccessible beaches and swim safely in waters with unique clarity. The
distances between the coasts are small, while the weather conditions, which are related to the intensity
of the winds and the temperatures of the environment and the sea, are generally favorable.

Sea tourism has begun to develop in Greece since the 1960s. It is a factor of major importance for the
country’s economic development and, above all, because it contributes to the development of less-
favored areas, and of these smaller and less well-known tourist islands, whose economy is mainly based
on the sea and the coastal zone.

The aim of the charter is the diversity of the way of transportation, the possibility of freely selecting the
itinerary and the time constraints (subject to weather conditions) and not only the maritime and island
geomorphology, but also the various places of berthing, sights and characteristics, highlighting the
coastal and marine wealth of the country, promoting the interest of tourists in contact with island

Combining tourism with a professional rental boat, it offers and uses complementary forms of tourism,
facilitates bringing the visitor into contact with the cultural, religious, historical and other features of the

The activity is being developed throughout the marine environment of Greece, boats are even on non-
easily accessible land, approaching all coastal areas and boosting local economies.

Attica and the Argosaronikos are the areas most chartered by many boats throughout the year, because
along with the many islands close to each other and even offered for daily sailing escapes, it is protected
by the extreme times and has many artificial and natural docks.